Canvas Blueprint Request Form

This form should only be used by authorized Blueprint Managers to request a Blueprint course in Canvas. For each Blueprint course needed, please include the six-digit term code, course prefix, course number, and course title. Each combination of prefix and course number must be unique per term. If you need more than one Blueprint that shares the same prefix and course number per term, you should append a letter (A, B, C, etc.) to the course number and optionally include an instructor's last name in the Title field to distinguish multiple blueprint courses which share the same course number.

The information collected by this form will be used to generate a Canvas course named like:
202410 HIS 1310 BP - Intro to History - Blueprint
- or -
202410 HIS 1310A BP - Smith Intro to History - Blueprint
202410 HIS 1310B BP - Jones Intro to History - Blueprint

Requester Details

Blueprint Details

Term codes should reflect the six-digit prefix typically found in Canvas. (e.g., 202410, 202413, 202430)